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Favorite Back to School Outfits for Girls

Choosing cute outfits can be one of the best parts of having a girl! Whether you're sending her off to school, getting her ready for a piano recital or helping her dress for a party, the right clothes will make her feel extra special and look adorable. An outfit can also say something about her personality, so think about what makes her unique and how you can capture a little bit of her spirit with the right dress or top.

Jumping for Joy

When she's running, jumping and going wild on the monkey bars, she needs clothes that are easy to move in. Give her some stretchy leggings for girls, especially our Iron Knee leggings which feature tough patches that prevent rips and tears, but are completely invisible from the outside. Add a matching tee and some sneakers along with a jean jacket and she'll be all set.

Picture Perfect

School picture day is a big deal. You want her to look extra sweet in that photo, since you'll be sending it out to friends and relatives come Christmas. She probably won't want to wear that stiff dress with the itchy lace collar though, so find something that feels as good as it looks. Girls' cardigans over a tee always looks nice and she can even wear jeans on bottom, since they won't be visible in her portrait.

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is filled with gatherings and celebrations, so make sure she has a few dresses for girls to wear – they look pretty and feel warm. Add a pair of tights and her patent leather Mary Jane shoes and she'll be set to sing carols, eat cookies and sit on Santa's lap. If she really wants to wear pants, try some leggings with a festive sweater. A headband or hairclip will add the perfect finishing touch.

On the Run

Does your daughter love sports and staying active? Give her some girl's yoga pants to wear when she's practicing gymnastics, jogging around the block or practicing her warrior pose. They're great for stretching and running and make it easy to get fit while having fun. Just make sure she has some supportive footwear and a breathable top that wicks away perspiration.

Life of the Party

Birthday parties are usually filled with adoring parents taking photos, so have your daughter put on a cute rugby dress. The relaxed fit is good for playing around and having fun, but she'll look lovely in each and every snapshot. If it's too chilly for a dress, go for girl's jeggings and one of her favorite tunic tops instead.

Fabulous in Fall

There are so many fall traditions that make the season memorable. She'll look adorable wearing a soft flannel shirt and jeans down at the pumpkin patch, and this outfit is also nice for hayrides. If you're going for a walk in the park to see the fallen leaves, have her put on some comfy girl's joggers and a fleece jacket.

Sleepy Time

She'll need cozy jammies to sleep soundly all night long. Girls' fleece pajamas or flannel pajamas will keep her toasty and they'll never itch or scratch – she'll be happy to keep them on for your pancake breakfast, too. Add some slippers and a matching girls' robe when winter arrives and the house is extra chilly in the morning.

Snow Day

Making snow angels and catching downy flakes on your tongue is a magical experience, but make sure she's dressed for the occasion. Have her put on snowbibs before going out to play and don't forget to zip up her warm winter coat. Mittens and a hat (or some fuzzy earmuffs) are important, too.

Special Occasions

When there are a few big events on the calendar, like a school concert or celebration at church, make it magical by giving her some dresses that twirl. She'll feel like a princess whenever she wears one along with some ballet flats and matching tights. Fix her hair in a braid or bun and if she's old enough, let her wear a touch of lip gloss, too.

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