Hochwertige Oberbekleidung ist das schönste Geschenk zu Weihnachten.

Best Outerwear to Gift This Year

When it comes to choosing sensible gifts during the holiday season, few items compete with outerwear. From a practical standpoint, it just makes sense. It’s chilly out there, and odds are your loved ones wouldn’t mind something a little cozy and toasty to make those brisk days a little more tolerable. The best part is that you have hundreds of great options. Here are a few ideas that are sure to brighten their day.

Down Vest

They might have a coat, a scarf, and a hat … but do they have a vest? The beauty of this cold-weather essential is that it really is essential — only it’s not something that everyone realizes they need. It’s also versatile enough to appeal to anyone, whether they live in a moderate climate or one that’s downright bone-chilling. In both cases, the solution to combatting plummeting temperatures is a cozy men’s or women’s down vest.

Down helps lock in body heat so that the wearer stays warm even in the chilliest conditions. The vest style is a particularly smart choice because it can be worn over a long-sleeve top on days that don’t quite call for a jacket or coat, or layered beneath a heavier piece of outerwear on colder days. They’re also available in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from solid neutrals to festive prints. What better way to celebrate the season?

Shawl Wrap

What’s warm, stylish, and perfect for throwing on over everything from turtlenecks to flannel shirts? A shawl wrap, of course! This is a beautiful piece that anyone would love to find under the tree — or even to receive just because you know they have amazing style and appreciate having options when it’s cold outside.

Shawl wraps epitomize chic style in a way that few other winter garments do. Think of them as large, wrap-around sweaters with substantial fabric. They can be worn in different ways, too: fastened at the neck with a brooch, draped over a shoulder, or casually open. They’re also phenomenal cold-weather gap fillers, especially on days when there’s no need to wear a heavy coat. Shawl wraps can often take the place of light jackets and are a fashionable alternative for parties and holiday events.

Monogrammed Scarf

There’s nothing quite like unwrapping a gift and discovering something tailor-made just for you — and as the gift-giver, you’ll feel a surge of joy knowing that you made someone’s day that much more special. A scarf is one of the most essential cold-weather accessories out there, and there’s no question that it will be put to good use throughout winter. But when you give one that’s monogrammed with their name or initials, you can trust that they’ll want to show it off year after year.

Styles range from simple to complex. If your friend or family member typically wears neutral coats or jackets, they might appreciate a scarf in a brighter shade to add a pop of color to the mix. If they love wearing bold shades, then a patterned scarf adorned with their name is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Luxurious Gloves

What to give to the person who you don’t know too well, or to someone whose winter coat size you might not know? A pair of luxurious gloves fit the bill beautifully. Look for features that define actual “luxury,” like cashmere lining, leather exteriors, or eye-catching, timeless patterns.

You might even consider monogramming the gloves with their initials or name if you know the person well enough and want to give something that’s just a little more personal. You could even add a matching hat to complete the set. Tuck it into a pretty gift box, wrap it up with a bow, and you’ll have the ultimate gift idea for any luxury lover on your list.

Packable Coat

Packable down coats aren’t just practical — they’re also stylish and super warm! They’re perfect for those on your list who are always on the go. Whether they’re frequent travelers or spend a lot of time in the car taking care of their everyday duties, they’ll appreciate the sensibility of a comfortable coat that they can pack away into its own pouch when not needed.

Portability aside, down coats are built to perform like a dream during winter. Down is a natural insulator, so the body stays toasty even when it’s brisk outside. And features like adjustable hoods, water-resistant shells, and pockets make them trusty companions for those cold-weather adventures.