Die besten Freizeitaktivitäten für Paare im Jahr 2021

Best Activities for Couples in 2021

If you're looking for fun things for couples to do that can help you keep your relationship at its best, use this list of ideas to help inspire you. The world is constantly changing, but with a few creative ideas, you can find safe ways to have fun as a couple no matter what’s happening.

Play Classic Board Games From When You Were a Kid

Some things stay classic for a reason. Remember all the board games that were your favorites as a kid? Well, 2021 might just be the perfect year to pull them out. Set aside an evening when you can dedicate yourselves to your board game binge, refresh yourselves on the rules, and have ample snacks on hand as you crush one another in your favorite board games. If you like a group atmosphere or enjoy the idea of double-dating, consider inviting another couple to join you virtually on your favorite video chat platform.

Have a Movie Marathon With Your Favorite Move Genre

There’s never been a better time to catch up on all your favorite flicks! Enjoy some bonding time by watching a big batch of your favorite movies. To make it more fun, you can plan the movie-fest around a certain theme or choose a film genre that you’re both crazy about to make it more interesting. Or, take it up a notch by choosing the genre together and then each selecting a couple of movies to surprise each other. This can also be a good option for couples looking for a virtual date night idea.

Get Moving With a Couples' Dancing Class

When’s the last time you danced with your significant other? If the answer is never, or you can’t remember, it might be time to sign up for a dance class. Look for small group classes that practice social distancing and have safety measures, or online instruction that you can do safely in the comfort of your own home. Taking a few lessons could be just what you need to open up a whole new world of entertainment and enjoyment. Once you get the hang of a few basic dance steps, you can crank up the music and turn any evening into your own personal dance fest! Wine and cocktails are optional.

Have Your Own Sketch Session

You can view plenty of instructional artists, like the remarkable Bob Ross, on live television or YouTube. Grab a couple of canvases, some oil paints or acrylics, and some old clothes, and you and your sweetie can get started creating your own masterpieces. You don’t have to have a natural talent for art to have fun with this one! Watching an artist in action can inspire you and help you get it right. When you’re done with your paintings, exchange them, and you can think of one another even when you can’t be together.

Look for Little-Known Hiking Trails and Nature Parks

To stay safe and enjoy some phenomenal outdoor adventures, look for hidden outdoor gems in your local area. Steer clear of the more popular, well-known parks and hiking trails, and instead, look for options that may be a bit more off-the-beaten-path. This will not only give a new sense of adventure as you tackle the trail, but will also help you stay safe and avoid crowds. Before you start out, check any special precautions and confirm how challenging the trails are. A pre-date activity could even be making your trail mix for your outdoor adventure! Remember your reusable water bottles, fleece vests or jackets, your best rain coats, and hiking socks, too.

Cuddle Up by the Bonfire With a Round of "Would You Rather" Questions

Bonfires can be fun for groups, but they can be fun and romantic for couples, too. Grab a package of your favorite hot dogs, s'mores fixings, and a rousing round of "Would You Rather" questions on your smartphone for a fun evening. Put a cozy new fleece throw around your shoulders. Then chill by the fire with a simple campfire-inspired dinner and a fun game that allows you to get to know your sweetie better for a great 2021 date night for couples.

Workout Challenge for Couples

Staying healthy in 2021 is a priority, and you can do it together for a fun way to add fitness into your routine. Choose a fitness app together and make a plan that you’ll both try to stick to that improves your diet and fitness. Or look for a challenging new fitness class online that you can both tackle together. Want to really switch things up? Challenge your sweetie to do your normal workout routine and vice versa. See if your significant other can handle CrossFit, yoga, or whatever your fitness jam is! As a nice surprise, you can treat one another to matching workout clothes. Women’s yoga pants, joggers, or elastic-waist pants for men and comfy breathable workout shirts are all great options.

'Favorites' Guessing Game

How well do couples really know each other’s favorite things? Sometimes the answer is surprising! If you want to get closer in a fun way, consider doing a fun, interactive guessing game. For example, you each choose a couple of items of clothing in different colors (one of them is your favorite). The other person has to guess which one it is. Each of you should gather some of your favorite foods, drinks, and candies, then place them in unmarked containers or wrappers. The other person has to guess what the favorite items are. The options are endless; you can get super-creative with different ways to showcase and guess one another’s favorite things while getting to know one another on a deeper level.

Have Fun With Creative Options for Couples to Do in 2021

There’s never been a year like 2021! Have fun doing some creative new date night ideas together to enhance your relationship and keep it exciting. From favorite board games to new twists on your favorite fitness activities, you can’t go wrong when you put your minds (and hearts) together.