4 Ideen für tolle Schuluniformen, die Kinder lieben werden

Top 4 Ways to Put Together Comfortable School Uniforms That Kids Will Love

Kids know what they want in their clothing. If you run a school where your students wear school uniforms, you know you can’t please everybody, but you can do a few things to help ensure that at least most of the kids love their school attire. The most important tip to keep in mind is that students want to wear something that is both comfortable and looks good. Once you focus on these two attributes, it becomes easier to find excellent school and work uniforms that both you and your students will love.

Adopt a Uniform That Embodies Your School Spirit

Students want a uniform that represents their school spirit, in a high-quality material with the same colors as the volleyball and football uniforms. Part of what makes uniforms so great is that they allow every student to be a part of something larger than themselves. And that’s really what anyone is looking for: a sense of community. So invest in high-quality school uniforms, will withstand a great amount of wear (because let’s face it, we’re talking about kids wearing the same outfit every single day), and will authentically represent your school.

The Best School Uniforms Include Layers and Soft Sweaters

Because the academic calendar runs through fall and winter, school uniforms need to include warm layers. In addition to a T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt, include a soft sweater in the school uniform. When shopping for boys, consider a sweater vest to go over a long-sleeve shirt. Two other polished yet comfortable sweater options include a cotton modal long-sleeve sweater with a button-up front, and a long-sleeve button-up drifter cardigan sweater. Finally, another popular school uniform sweater option is a traditional long-sleeve v-neck sweater, which will keep the boys warm but can easily be removed on warm school days.

For girls, the sweater choices are essentially the same. If you are interested in providing your students with a more “vintage version” of a girls’ school uniform sweater, consider a long-sleeve cardigan sweater with a collegiate stripe and a button-up front. An alternative is a cotton cardigan sweater with a zip front. Sweater vests are also a great option if you are planning to have all of your students wear long-sleeve shirts.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Chinos

Chinos have been the go-to bottoms for school uniforms for decades, and that’s because they are always reliable, will go with almost anything, and are an affordable investment. Chinos for male students come in several colors, fits, and styles. Color options include grey, khaki, black, and navy–all the classic school uniform colors. You can also get pants, shorts, or both, especially if you live in a warm climate and know your students will appreciate shorts on a sweltering, 90-degree day.

The chino pant options are equally as plentiful for your female students, with all the same classic school colors such as grey, khaki, black, and navy, and style options including long pants and shorts. The uniform pant for girls style vary slightly to accommodate the features you are looking for in high-quality school uniform pants. Some come with elastic waistbands to provide greater comfort, while others come in pencil pant styles. And then, if you are contemplating a more modern school uniform look, there is the option of dressing your students in mid-rise chino crop pants. It’s still a classic, polished look, but with a hint of something new and different.

Don’t Forget the Dress Shirt

The crux of the school uniform, upon which your students proudly display the emblem of their school, is the dress shirt. If you are planning to stick with a long-sleeve shirt for boys, you have more than just the classic button-up dress shirt available. For a more comfortable substitute or an alternative to layering the long-sleeve shirt with a boy’s school uniform sweater, consider a turtleneck.

For girls, blouse options include a long-sleeve no-iron pinpoint shirt or a short-sleeve Oxford dress shirt. All of the dress shirts for male and female students come in neutral colors such as white and shades of blue. And all of the dress shirt options are used as school shirts with logos, so you can custom order any one of them with your school logo design.