Persönliche Geschenkideen für Sie und Ihn

His & Hers Matching Gifts

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you’re trying to figure out the perfect gift as a token of your affection. Valentine’s Day is perhaps best known for chocolate boxes and red roses, which can leave us looking for something that adds a personal touch to our gift-giving despite their classic appeal. A matching his and hers gift could be perfect for you! Gifting your beloved something that you can share or that will forever remind you of each other is a touching and thoughtful way to mark this romantic day. Read on for some great ideas for matching his and hers gifts.

Pajamas and Robes

Matching or not, pajamas are a great gift to give on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s because there is an element of knowing someone when buying them pajamas, which is also perhaps why they make such a great Valentine’s gift. Matching pajamas in particular are a great his and hers gift. You’ll love hanging out at home together on Sunday morning, sipping your coffees in matching pajamas. Our favorite is flannel pajamas because they are versatile and playful while still being cute and cozy.

Another great his and hers gift is the gift of matching robes. Choose some plush bathrobes or some made of cashmere to match one another while around the house. Pair them with monogrammed bath towels that say “His” and “Hers” or “Mr.” and “Mrs.” as a great matching gift set.

Spa Day

Maybe you and your special someone are less into materialism and more into experiences. A matching gift that doesn’t necessarily say “His and Hers” is a couple’s spa day. Surprise him or her by getting dressed up in a dress or men’s dress shirt to feel extra celebratory and to arrive at your spa date in style. Book a couple’s massage where you can enjoy spending time and relaxing together. Book a whole day together at a spa or a spa weekend getaway. You can enjoy therapeutic treatments and spa amenities together. You’ll be so relaxed and full of smiles, which will make Valentine's Day very enjoyable.

Matching Monograms

As we’ve already mentioned above, matching monogramming is a great his and hers gift to give on Valentine’s Day. Beyond bathrobes and towels, get your combined initials, “His” and “Hers,” or “Mr.” and “Mrs.” hand embroidered on so many other things like monogrammed blankets, throw pillows, or even matching flannel shirts. It’s cute, homey, and personal to give the gift of monogrammed matching pieces that will make your shared home feel even more special and will remind you of the best parts of your relationship.

Kitchen Ware

Take matching pieces to the next level by decking out your (or their) kitchen with cute matching gifts. Our top picks are paired coffee mugs that have cute and catchy words and illustrations that will surely always make you think of one another when drinking your morning coffee. Take this one step further and get matching wine glasses or cocktail glasses. Make “His” and “Hers” a little catchier by instead gifting “King” and “Queen.” These personalized glasses are perfect for sharing a romantic glass of wine on Valentine’s Day, or on any other day of the year.


Jewelry is a longtime favorite for Valentine’s Day gift-giving. With all its romance and allure we can certainly understand why! But jewelry giving is not just reserved for expensive jewels. Gift your loved one matching his and hers jewelry pieces they can always remember you by. Like the friendship bracelets of romance, matching his and hers jewelry pieces is a touching and personal gift that will always make you feel connected. Rather than the half-heart necklaces we always wore as kids, gift your beloved the other half of matching watches, bracelets, necklaces, or even keychains. There are many jewelry and watch companies that offer special his and hers matching accessories that will make your Valentine’s Day gift-giving personal and touching.

In addition to fine wines, red roses, and Swiss chocolates, gift your beloved a matching his and hers personalized gift that is one romantic reminder of your affections for one another. It’s something you both will remember forever.