5 Geschenke für die Wohnungseinweihung zu Weihnachten

5 Gifts for Holiday Housewarmings

The purpose of a housewarming gift is to give a little something that transforms their house into a home. This is their new abode — a place of comfort, warmth, and togetherness. If you’ve been invited to a gathering this holiday season, there’s good news: you have countless options that serve both as amazing Christmas gifts and housewarming presents at the same time.

The key is to look for items that they’ll actually use. It’s easy to snag something cute emblazoned with festive imagery, but consider what types of items they may need as they settle into their new home. It might be kitchenware or something cozy for the home. With those types of essentials in mind, take a peek at these five gifts that are perfect for the upcoming holiday housewarming on your calendar.

Bath Towels

Ordinary bath towels may not sound very exciting, but to the new homeowner, they’re bound to be among the most welcome and treasured gifts that they receive. There’s nothing like a plush towel to hang in the bathroom — and there’s nothing like a set of monogrammed bath towels to put a little personalized spin on the gift, either.

The addition of some customization instantly transforms the gift from simple to stunning. It shows a degree of effort that’s unsurpassed. Everyone needs towels, of course, but just a touch of this handiwork makes them even more special and memorable. Moreover, they’re also more presentable, and they’ll look beautiful when hung on the towel rack next to that gleaming shower or tub.

Storage Bins

They may not be the height of glamour, but storage baskets and bins are among the most useful gifts to give to the new homeowner. Think about just how much you prize organization. It simply feels good to be free of clutter and to embrace a more minimal way of living.

Storage containers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you can easily make your choice based on what you think they may need. A set of nesting baskets is a great choice for a desktop or a bedroom to keep small items separated in their rightful places. A spacious bin with handles is a genius idea for the busy mom who’s constantly picking up toys throughout the house. A canvas storage tote is a must for the collector in your life; they’re useful for everything from books to cosmetics.

Patio Furniture

For the person who loves spending quality time soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the natural beauty, consider giving the gift of outdoor furniture. Even if they can’t use it right away, they’ll definitely find a good use for it when temperatures warm up. This is a great option for someone you know well, whether it’s a close friend or a family member who you can be certain will appreciate something substantial.

You might gift your favorite couple a set of folding armchairs made of high-quality teak wood, or a garden swing for the family that loves to relax and enjoy the weather during spring and summer. Try a rocking chair to deck out their porch in something homey and traditional. A sleek café table makes a gorgeous addition to the outdoor entertainer’s deck or patio, while a lounge chair is an easy choice for anyone who enjoys kicking back on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a good book and a drink.

Festive Greenery

A Christmas wreath is a traditional gift that’s perfect if you want to stick with a specific holiday theme. It’s something that they can use right away, and they’ll love adding a touch of colorful festivity to their brand new home, either on the front door or on a wall inside.

You can take it a step further by including a wreath hanger for their convenience. This ensures the wreath can be put to good use right away. You can even personalize the hanger with their initials or the family’s name for a thoughtful finishing touch. It’s something they’ll treasure not just this Christmas, but for holiday seasons to come.

Holiday Stockings

It’s the season for experiencing joy and making merry, and few gifts express the sentiment as well as needlepoint stockings. If you choose this gift idea, make sure you include everyone in the family — including their fur babies!

Stockings reflect coziness, tradition, warmth, and cheer, all of which contribute to a wonderful first Christmas in their new home. They’ll love lining the chimney with these exquisite designs, which feature eye-catching holiday patterns and imagery that’s sure to put anyone in a more festive frame of mind. Since this is a thoughtful gift for someone you’re especially close to, don’t forget to personalize each one with their names!

The right gifts can make all the difference. You’ll love making their day brighter — and their holiday season even more festive with special treats that they can use at any time of year.