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Kaschmirpullover-Trends, die Sie unbedingt im Auge behalten sollten

Cashmere Sweater Trends to Look Out For

With sweater weather always somewhere on the horizon, it comes as no surprise that cashmere is queen. This season's hottest sweater looks are shaking up the norm, bringing unexpected statements along with new twists on old favorites.

Sleeve Surprise

Cashmere sweaters for women are constantly evolving to bring a fresh new take on the fall season. This year, shorter sleeves are in, bringing you sweater wearing swerve even in the warmer months. T-shirt to three-quarter-length sleeves let you sport your sweater no matter the weather. A shorter length sleeve means you can rock your cashmere in warmer weather, or layer up with a complementary cardigan when it's chilly. Alternatively, throw on one of this year's hottest belted blazers over your short-sleeved sweater for a cozy yet sophisticated fall look.

Fall Crop Harvest

This year's biggest trends are business on the top and party on the bottom. Lighten the load with a cashmere sweater that has a classic cut with a cropped bottom. Bring up the style when you couple a crop-top sweater with high-rise jeans for a fun, flirty look that doesn't show too much tummy. Don't like to show any skin at all? Use a basic tank underneath your cropped sweater and tuck it in for a more demure look that allows you to curate your own color-blocked palette.

The Cult Classic

Some things never go out of style, and the classic cardigan sweater one of them. Your favorite classic sweater look says style without being to ostentatious. Bring up the glam with flashy accessories or add a pop of color with a patterned scarf (moody florals are hot now). Your classic cashmere is just like your LBD; it never goes out of style.

Sparkle and Shine

What is winter without a little glitter in the air? This year's biggest sweater trends highlight the glitz and glam of the winter season and bring a flash of light on a cloudy day. Opt for fun sparkly accents, such as a dash of pale pink shine for a look that's festive without being overdone. Silver and gold are also always on trend, and a little bit of glitter will put a smile on your face.

Bulk Is Best

Who doesn't love a sweater they can snuggle in? Every women's sweater lover needs that big, chunky staple piece that screams "Netflix binge time." It's perfect for when the weather outside is frightful, and all you want to do is curl up and relax with a good book and some hot tea. Pair your oversized sweater with slim-fitting bottoms that create a balanced look; ahh, we already feel the zen.

Tune Your Tunic

Long and flowing or fitted sweaters not only offer added protection to your backside, but they also look cute. Throw on a tunic for a classic, streamlined look that keeps you warm on those blustery days. Corduroy leggings make the perfect match on the bottom, so it doesn't look like you're swimming in a sea of fabric. Fitted tunic styles work great both in the office and in town. Their unique shape brings a touch of sophistication to any look that's perfect for happy hours and board meetings.

Cutout Couture

High necklines meet unique cutouts in this year's sweater lineup. Asymmetry is all the rage right now, and something as simple as a small cutout in a cashmere sweater quickly adds interest and intrigue to an otherwise simple look. Keep it funky by wearing a basic, colorful tee underneath for a pop of unexpected color. Or bring out your inner flirt by showing a little skin with your cutout sweater.

Patterns and Plaid

Put on some pizzazz this season with funky patterns and bold plaid sweater designs. Houndstooth is back with its bold, hypnotizing geometries. Icelandic patterns still shine, bringing a festive vibe to any look this season. Plaid has been and is still a major player, including plaid patterns on sweaters. Also, asymmetrical color blocking and mismatched color patterns from back in the day are making their reunion tour on the runways this season. With so many fun, fabulous patterns to choose from, picking up a patterned cashmere sweater is just the ticket this year.

When it comes to cooler temps, the cashmere sweater makes the perfect companion to staying warm and chic. Keep your look classic or dive into one of this year's hottest trends for a fashion-forward look that brings the wow factor to a cozy lineup of sweaters.

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