Aktivbekleidung und Freizeitkleidung für den Urlaub

Activewear and Athleisure That Works for Travel

Traveling can often be an uncomfortable affair: not enough legroom, long car rides, and bumpy trains. However, your wardrobe doesn’t need to lend to your discomfort. Wearing activewear in new, stylish ways is chic and convenient, especially when you take your life on the road.

Compression Leggings

Every wardrobe needs the perfect pair of leggings (or five). The great thing about athleisure leggings is that you can do double-duty with intense workouts or curate a cute athleisure outfit for everyday wear. With infinite flexibility, leggings make the perfect travel companion.

Select classic colors, such as black or denim jeggings, or spruce up a look with bold prints. Classics go with nearly anything, including flannel shirts, and if you’re worried about exposing your backside, match your leggings with a slouchy, long sweater or women’s tunic top to keep yourself covered. For bolder prints, balance the look with basics, such as a grey sweatshirt or simple, slouchy tee for a relaxed look that still has style.

The Perfect Sports Bra

Traveling with a well-fitted, cozy sports bra offers a surprising number of benefits for travel. First, if you work while you travel, you’ll want something to keep the girls cozy while you break a sweat. There’s something sweet about running through a new city in the morning or jogging along the seaside that keeps you in shape and gets those endorphins going.

Sports bras are also handy if you plan on doing a lot of walking. They absorb sweat and keep your upper-body comfortable throughout the day. Lastly, no one wants to deal with pressure points or rubbing during a long-haul flight. A sports bra is a great weapon to have in your travel wardrobe for surviving long days in transit in a stylish, cozy manner.

Sweatshirts with Style

Printed sweatshirts with cute designs are all the rage right now. Fitted sweatshirts without a hood are making a comeback, often coming in unique floral prints, casual Bohemian designs, and in almost any color under the sun. These pair well with the perfect pair of jeans, leggings, or even corduroy pants. The overall look brings a casual vibe to the scene, but you can dress it up slightly with stylish jewelry such as dangling earrings, stacked bangles, or a chunky necklace. Yet another winning piece of athletic wear that’s prime for long days in transit, the basic sweatshirt brings stylish comfort that says fasten your seatbelt and snuggle up.

Happy Feet

Footwear is at the essence of being comfortable while you travel. Often, it feels like our feet want the ultimate in comfort, but that doesn’t equate to killer style. Instead of reaching for your tired gym shoes, select footwear that has a dash of fashion in the mix. Think sneakers with bold colors or athletic shoes disguised as flats. If you work out while you travel, you may need to stash your favorite tennis shoes along for the ride, but keep your everyday footwear travel-ready with proper insoles so your tootsies don’t bark too much.

Stylish Basics

One of the most versatile articles of clothing to take on your travels is a Merino wool T-shirt. Contrary to what you may believe, Merino wool is designed to keep you both warm and cool. Its natural fibers work hard to regulate your body temperature, no matter what the outside world is up to. Also, Merino wool naturally repels odors, so you can slip on a basic tee or tank day after day without worrying about it going stale. These go-with-anything staples work well for workouts, sightseeing, transit, and more. Wear underneath your favorite sweater or tuck it in with fashion-forward high-rise jeans for a trendy look that never goes out of style.

Smell-Proof Socks

Life on the road demands efficiency. You don’t want to have to take 14 pairs of socks on a two-week vacay. Activewear for your feet brings you the opportunity to wear things more than once without worrying about smell or bacteria build-up. Anti-microbial socks are designed to be worn multiple times before they need a proper wash. This means you’ll bring less stuff while you’re away and can instead focus on the moment instead of managing a pile of socks. Bonus points for these duds, as you can also use them for working out or days that involve lots of walking to keep pesky blisters at bay.

Athleisure and activewear bring versatility to your travel wardrobe. This lineup of clothing is designed for multiple wears and still stays fresh. The ability to mix and match not only keeps you comfortable but also has you feeling confident while you travel.