5 Winter-Accessoires, die jeder Mann haben sollte

5 Men's Winter Accessories Every Guy Should Have.

Winter is truly the time when accessories become necessities. During fall, tying a scarf or pulling on a hat might be required for a long walk. But in winter, you'll want to be wearing those accessories and more when crossing the street. From ribbed hats to fleece gaiters to scarves of all kinds, these are the five men's winter accessories every guy should have.

The Classic Scarf

Whether it's made from cashmere—or a fabric that feels remarkably similar—a men's scarf is one winter accessory you don't want to be without. And unlike some of the items on this list, the scarf remains delightfully low-tech. The scarf has changed little over the centuries, thanks to its simplicity. How can you improve on a simple piece of cloth that's meant to be draped over the neck?

Low-tech as it may be, the scarf plays an important role in fighting off cold. The neck could be considered the "front line" against cold chills and wind squalls, as it's the part of the body (other than the face) most often exposed to cold. Keep your neck warm with a scarf, whether you decide on a classic knot or a looser wraparound.

Smart-Phone-Friendly Winter Gloves

It doesn't take long for exposed fingers to go numb (or worse) in freezing temperatures, but you've also got emails to check, texts to answer, and posts to like. The solution to this modern-day dilemma is a pair of men's gloves that can keep digits warm while still being able to unlock a smartphone screen.

Fortunately for all the smartphone addicts (isn't that all of us?) out there, just such a glove exists. Men's fleece gloves manage to combine the insulating power of fleece with full smartphone accessibility via two special pads on each thumb and index finger.

Warm Knit Hat

Stocking hat, knit hat, beanie—whatever you decide to call it, that classic men's hat with a fold-up bottom is a winter staple. Thanks to that foldable bottom, it's easily and instantly adjustable, allowing you to wear it around your temple on a balmier day or pull it past your eyes in the midst of a snowy squall.

The soft, sweater-like construction of a ribbed hat also makes it one of the easiest to clean off. Got a headful of ice flakes after a snowfall? Simply pull it off, give it a good shake, and you're good to go.

Waterproof Winter Gloves

That's right, we're adding two pairs of gloves to this list. Because if there's one thing you can't have too much of in wintertime, it's an accessory that keeps your own mitts from getting frostbite.

Speaking of frostbite, a sure way to get it is to allow your fingers to get soaking wet in freezing temperatures. For that reason, a pair of waterproof gloves is essential for any activity that entails contact between your own hands and snow. From skiing to shoveling to even snowman making, all should be done with a pair of waterproof gloves.

Fleece Neck Gaiter

If you don't know what a gaiter is, you haven't seen winter at its harshest. And if you have experienced winter at its very worst, you'll know that a good fleece gaiter can be nothing short of miraculous.

A gaiter is a piece of fabric meant to cover the nose, neck, ears and mouth in periods of extreme cold or whipping wind. In other words, it will cover every part of your face that a hat or hood won't secure.

Most gaiters are held in place by an adjustable cord or a string. They may sound a little heavy duty now, but in the case of a storm or a full-on polar vortex you'll be glad you packed one away in your glove compartment.