4 Outfits für eine Firmenparty, die alle Blicke auf sich ziehen

4 Company Party Outfits That Steal the Limelight

Company parties bring spouses, significant others, and friends into the mix of your typical 9 to 5 world. They offer a unique opportunity to network, strengthen relationships, and get to know your officemates outside of the context of quarterly goals and product launch deadlines. This is also your time to have some fun and show a different side of yourself.

Bond with others on a deeper level when you step away from your cubicle and partake in some games. At these events, wearing the right outfit puts you in a good mood to socialize. You can also make a good impression on the new people you meet and maintain a professional image for your coworkers. When you’re in doubt about what to pick, these four company Christmas party outfits are a sure win to wear at the corporate festivities.

A Classic Dress

Whether it’s a birthday party, special luncheon, or celebration after making a key goal, a wear-to-work-dress fits practically any professional situation. This piece is both pretty and functional, offering hours of comfortable wear and ultra-flattering fashion. If your event calls for a formal look, then a special occasion dress like a sleeveless fit and flare dress or a scoop neck Ponte sheath dress are both great choices.

Depending on the weather, complete your outfit with a simple pair of heels or some tights and short boots. Accessorize your dress to your heart’s desire: choose light scarves with dynamic prints, jewelry sets, and handbags that complete your outfit. If your office is a little chilly, a simple black cardigan can help you feel comfortable and warm.

Jeans and a Blouse

If your company party allows a more casual spectrum of clothing, then jeans are a great item to integrate into your social wardrobe. Straight leg jeans, especially a dark-colored pair, can be dressed up when matched with a button-down shirt, blouse, or shirt and blazer combo.

The key is to select shoes, accessories, and tops that offer a clean and sophisticated look. Anything that looks messy or too informal isn't typically desirable at a corporate event when you’re still representing your company. By wearing jeans in a dressy way, you can stay comfortable but still maintain a professional image at your next company party.


When the occasion calls for strictly business attire, you can’t go wrong with slacks. A timeless pair of khakis or black slacks are universally accepted in the context of a company party. Pair these with seasonal blouses, button-down shirts, vests, blazers, men's polo shirts, and other tops that fit well in your professional landscape. Keep your slacks looking sharp with a pair of penny loafers or kitten heels, and be sure to iron your shirts. Keeping things neat and clean will present the best image of you to your coworkers and their significant others. It’s okay to add a little bit of fun to your outfit too. If you can, wear a tie with a bold print or some jewelry with some extra sparkle.

Your slacks don’t have to be made of rigid materials to be formal. If you wear a pair of men's elastic waist pants, you can socialize in total comfort. With these pants, there are no pinching, rigid waistlines to contend with – just enjoy the food and good times ahead. These are also great to wear to work whether you are on your feet all day or coding for hours at a computer. When you’re not distracted by uncomfortable pants, you can be your best at everything else.

Skirts and Fun Tops

Professional skirts open up many possibilities for company party fashion. When matched with a fashionable top, accessories, and shoes, you can create an impressive look. Fit-and-flare, maxi, fitted, and knee-length skirts allow you to create many attractive silhouettes. Do you want to feel flowy and free? A loose maxi skirt and fitted blouse is a perfect laid-back yet dressy look that you can own for your next company party. A fitted midi skirt hugs your curves, cinching your waist at its natural point, which is universally flattering.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

Bags, gloves, hats, ties, scarves, and jewelry complete the package. While clothing makes the baseline for your fashion inspiration, your accessories tie the knots and give the finishing touches. The right necklace can elevate a plain dress into a party item. A great pair of earrings, some fresh cufflinks, a festive tie, and shiny leather belt can tie other outfits together in a splendid way. Before you head out the door, make sure you have your finishing touches in order.

By wearing these company holiday party outfits, you can look your best at the next office to-do, whether you are representing your business or are someone’s “plus one.”