Wie Sie Ihre Kinder bei Laune halten, ohne das Haus zu verlassen

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Without Leaving Home

So you’re stuck at home with your kids and can’t seem to keep them entertained. Fear not, we’ve got a lineup of kid-friendly activities you can do right from home. Kids find entertainment anywhere. Use these at-home activities for kids to keep them engaged without having to pack a travel bag.

Have a Fashion Show

Roll out the red carpet by laying down red bath towels and host a kids’ fashion show. Play music and let them strut their stuff. As they walk down the aisle, snap photos, and give interviews about their outfits. Let them pick fun accessories and outfits such as their favorite girls’ dresses or their best T-shirts. Keep it fun with an “after-party” of tasty snacks and drinks.

Set up a Virtual Game Night

If your kid loves video games, set up a virtual game night with their friends. Use online subscriptions to set up digital group rooms for their favorite video games. Get extra creative and set up a video chat so your kids can feel closer to their friends. Encourage kids to dress as their favorite characters or use bedsheets and creative decor to set up a scene from their favorite game as a backdrop for the chat. If you can, set up a gaming tournament. Provide themed snacks and decor to set a festive mood.

Host an At-Home Movie Night

Get in some family time with an at-home movie night. Digitally rent your favorite titles or newest releases for a movie night the whole family will love. Order from your favorite takeout restaurant and spend the evening snuggled in. Put on your best loungewear and snuggle under your favorite personalized throw blanket. Or get fanatical by dressing as your favorite characters from the movie. Let your kids select their favorite titles and create some hype. Play themed music before you hit play or enjoy a themed meal beforehand. The point is to create some excitement around gathering together to watch your favorite flick.

Create Art Outside

With warmer weather comes plenty of opportunities to play outside. Get your kiddos outdoors with fun-filled art projects. Use sidewalk chalk to play games or draw pictures. Paint some rocks from your garden (don’t take them from natural places) or use crayons and paper to transfer the textures of fallen leaves.

Choose different art projects that have an outdoor focus in order to get those creative juices flowing while absorbing some vitamin D. Kids love to get outdoors, and while their favorite playground may be closed, they can still enjoy the outdoors with some fun art projects.

Start a Scavenger Hunt

Put together a scavenger hunt around your house or neighborhood. Give kids a series of clues where one item leads to the next. Use small toys, snacks, or everyday household items. Hide clues in items such as canvas storage bins and other areas. A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids occupied while they stay at home. Opt to either have prizes for finding all of the clues or give out little prizes like bubbles, chalk, and other entertainment along the way.

Have a Campout

If you can’t go camping, bring a night under the stars to your backyard. Pitch a tent in your yard and spend the night. No backyard? Camp out on a balcony or even just in your living room. Older children will enjoy spending the night outside in a tent, while younger kids can have an at-home campout with the whole family.

Plan camp-themed meals like hot dogs, chips, and of course, s’mores. Use your camping stove to cook. In the evening, tell stories, watch the stars, or play games. Once it’s bedtime, have your children’s sleeping bags all lined up in the tent. Older kids will love some independence, while the younger kiddos can enjoy a family-friendly adventure in their backyard. Don’t forget to have a pancake breakfast in the morning.

Overall, there are several ways to keep kids entertained without leaving home. Plan plenty of kid-friendly activities right from the comfort of home. Get creative and make the event special to keep kids engaged. Plan an event the whole family can enjoy.