Vom Laubharken bis zum Lagerfeuer: Diese Herbststyles machen alles mit!

Go From Raking Leaves to Making S’mores in These Fall Styles

When autumn arrives, it’s a sign that we don’t have much more time to enjoy the outdoors without bundling up from head to toe. And since the orange, yellow, and red hues of the falling leaves can be so inviting, it makes us look forward to being outside, whether it be going for a walk, chatting with the neighbors, or even doing chores like raking leaves.

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting cooler, why not get outdoors and make the most of it? And while you’re at it, why not do it in style? From shoes to hats, here are some items you’ll want to have handy so you can go from raking leaves to makings s’ mores in style.

A Fuzzy Fleece For Work and Play

Fleece is absolutely ideal for fall. It’s warm enough to keep you comfortable but thin enough to keep you cozy without overheating. A fleece jacket or vest over a long-sleeved shirt is ideal for cooler temps, especially when the autumn air is kissed by the sun. Not every fleece is made the same way, though. Lands’ End fleece is brushed both inside and out so you get bombarded by softness all over. And its fleece is static-free, so you won’t get shocked with every move you make. When it comes to jackets for fall chores or sitting by the fire, you can’t go wrong with fleece.

Jeans For Style and Comfort

If you’re hanging out around the fire or just sitting on the porch with friends, jeans will be ideal, but only if they’re comfortable. Some straight-leg women’s jeans that allow you to sit comfortably are ideal, as they protect your legs from the wind and cold. Plus, they look great with pretty much anything you might be wearing for a top, whether it’s a fleece jacket, vest, sweater, or poncho.

Fall Footwear for Happy Feet

If you’re going to be hanging out outdoors during the last of the fall days, you’ll want to make sure your feet will be able to last as long as you do. Boots or sneakers that are soft and warm on the inside but sturdy on the outside are ideal. Opt for a distressed look if you’re wearing leather booties so you can trek through leaves and sticks without worrying about blemishing the leather. For sneakers, something with traction is ideal since those leaves can be slippery. Have some fun with the socks while you’re at it — some leaves, pumpkins, or skeletons on your ankles deserve to be in the spotlight. Roll up your jeans to give them the attention they deserve.

A Cozy Cardigan For Sweater Weather

When the weather’s right or when the bonfire is radiating just the right amount of heat, all you may need is a great women’s cardigan sweater to wrap yourself up in. The fact that you can leave it open in the front allows you to absorb the warmth of the sun or the fire with just a simple basic T-shirt underneath it. As for bottoms to wear with it, jeans always work, but so do some thicker leggings. It all depends on how durable you need your bottoms to be. If you need to sit on some rustic furniture or logs, you may want to opt for jeans as they’re so durable. But if it’s just a basic Adirondack chair or patio chair, you’ll be fine with some leggings. In fact, you can even wear your pajamas!

A Flannel Shirt For Fall Bliss

Is there any type of top that says “fall” more than flannel shirts? Flannel shirts are the ideal apple-picking, yard-raking, s’mores-making shirt, and there are plenty of reasons for it. First of all, they’re durable enough to handle whatever fall throws at you. Second, they’re fuzzy and just warm enough. Third, they provide just the right amount of stretch to let you move around freely for all your fall chores. And, of course, the typical plaid pattern of flannel shirts never goes out of style.

A Cute Beanie to Keep Your Noggin Warm

Beanies aren’t only stylish headwear; they’re also great for keeping you warm in the fall. After all, the part of your body that loses the most heat is your head, so something like a cute knit beanie is perfect for chilly days. Look for a neutral-colored beanie in off-white, gray, or black to match most outfits. Similarly, a beanie in an olive, orange, yellow, or burgundy color looks cute with a lot of fall flannels.

When it comes to fall fashion, comfort is key. Still, sticking to these styles will help you make sure you’re not only cozy but stylish as well.