Pullover für Damen: Ein Klassiker für jede Jahreszeit

Women's Sweater: A Staple for Every Season

There’s no denying it: spring weather is no less fickle than fall. One moment, you’re taking shelter from freezing rain, and the next, you’re reaching for a T-shirt and sunglasses. You’ll need a few good sweaters to survive in-between seasons. Here are a few of our favorite sweater styles and how you can wear them all year long.

The Open Cardigan

An open cardigan doesn’t zip or button closed, making it simple to take on and off, so you can quickly adjust your outfit to suit changing temperatures. If you regularly go between frosty meeting rooms and a toasty office or live somewhere with icy mornings and pleasant afternoons, you’ll find you can’t live without one. Cardigans are also a great choice all year long because they are the perfect just-in-case. They aren’t overly heavy or bulky, meaning they’re easy to bring with you wherever you go in case you get chilly. If you don’t end up needing it, you can stash your cardigan in a carry-on bag or a canvas tote for later.

For your next job interview, skip the stiff blazer (which probably doesn’t fit under your coat, anyway) and throw on a sweater. A cardigan made from Supima cotton with a button-up blouse and a pencil skirt looks pretty and professional. Complete your outfit with a pair of stud earrings and you’ll be ready to impress.

A big, bulky sweater can make you look larger than you are, but that’s no reason to avoid knitwear. A downy belted cardigan defines your waist, making you appear slender while keeping you snug. Try it with slim-cut jeans and leather ankle boots.

Fortunately, a cocoon cardigan feels as nice as it sounds. The generous lapels turn into a shawl collar and the fine-gauge knit provides a hint of texture. This one is made for quiet weekends, but it’s also suitable for client meetings when worn with a black dress and a simple necklace.

The Cashmere Cardigan

The right sweater also makes it easy to enjoy your summer staples before the balmy temperatures arrive. Throw a cashmere cardigan over your favorite sleeveless dress, and add thick tights if it’s brisk outside. You can also wear one with a tee or camisole underneath; put on an oversize scarf if you’re chilly and experiment with the layered look. You won’t want to pack your super-soft cashmere away until next winter, and now that you know how to style your sweaters for every season, you won’t have to! You can enjoy the comfort of luxury cashmere all year long.

Turtlenecks and Mock-Turtlenecks

If you rely on a lightweight rain jacket during spring, you need something cozy underneath. A mock turtleneck and velvety chenille cardigan that reaches down to your hips traps body heat for added warmth. Pull on some thick socks and rain boots to keep your feet dry, too.

Does your workplace have a smart-casual dress code? Grab your new leggings, a cute pair of boots, and get cozy in a turtleneck tunic sweater. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a warm blanket but will still look as elegant as professional as ever!

The Knit Jacket

A well-made sweater is also handy for spring in a mild climate. Instead of a heavy coat, wear a laid-back knit jacket with a funnel collar and pockets for warming your hands or stashing your keys; try it with jogger pants and sneakers. This is a great look for more casual days when you want the comfort and warmth you get from your favorite office sweaters but aren’t feeling the fancy vibe. Sweaters have been a long-time essential for a reason, not only are they the perfect piece for a constantly changing climate, they will always be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.