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Gemütliche Pyjamas, die Ihre Tochter den ganzen Winter über warm halten

Cozy Pajamas to Keep Your Daughter Warm All Winter

A great pair of girls’ pajamas is just the thing she needs to stay warm and toasty when winter truly arrives. Soon, those frigid days of the season will arrive—the ones that call for a crackling fire, a cup of hot cocoa piled to the top with whipped cream and marshmallows and a great holiday movie. While it’s often hard to carve out precious moments like these in this busy day and age, it’s the little things that contribute to the coziness of the experience.

Yes, that includes pajamas—specifically the softest, plushest and most comforting pair that you can find to ensure that your daughter feels secure even when the snow is falling furiously. All the better if school is canceled the next day because she can sleep in, nestle up to you on the couch and enjoy a relaxing day at home in something that is made precisely for such occasions.

Go for Playful Fun

Kids are always fascinated by the unexpected. Glow-in-the-dark pajamas definitely fall under that banner! Vibrant, cute and adorned with a playful holiday pattern that’s sure to imbue her with the spirit of the season, some bright pajamas are destined to make bedtime a joy for all of you. She’ll be so enthralled by the idea of wearing something that transforms in the darkness, she may actually look forward to going to bed! That’s key when all you want to do is wind down at the end of a long day spent navigating crowds at the mall, hanging up Christmas decorations and cooking for the family. This makes a great Christmas gift but is just as fun of a treat to surprise her with early in the season.

Try a Plush Robe

There’s nothing like a plush robe at any age. Simply the feel of something soft, cloud-like and blankety against the skin is nurturing. That could be reason enough to delight your daughter with a girls’ robe. Available in solid colors and bold patterns, there’s a style to suit every personality! Maybe she prefers a simple look that isn’t too flashy. A soft blue, magenta, teal or pink is a great choice that is just colorful enough to add a little levity to the going-to-bed festivities. (Hey, you’ve got to make it fun somehow, right?) There are also plenty of bright prints available to appease those who can’t resist rich colors and anything to do with the holiday season. Check prints and snowflakes are among the most stylish and timeless of options, and you can guarantee she’ll wear it even after the holiday season comes to an end.

Don a Super-cute Nightgown

Some girls may prefer the comfort of a nightgown in lieu of standard pajamas. Maybe she doesn’t like wearing pants to bed, prefers something a little more relaxed or just loves the look of a flowing gown. It’s impossible to deny the comfort of a flannel nightgown, which feels decadent against the skin and makes winter far more tolerable. It’s also the cutest choice for little ones and older girls who don’t necessarily love spending time getting into their pajamas. A nightgown is a super quick and effortless solution that won’t sacrifice their comfort—simply pull it on and settle under the covers!

Celebrate the Holiday Season

Of course, nothing beats a great pair of Christmas pajamas! The sky is the limit where design possibilities are concerned. You can grab an adorable fleece pajama set adorned with snowflakes or snowmen and pair it with a matching fleece robe. Or create an adorable ensemble by selecting a few pairs of flannel pajama bottoms and selecting a couple of French terry tops to complete the look. If you’re taking a more group-oriented approach—as in making sure everyone in the family decks the halls on Christmas morning in identical pajamas!—then you’ll have an even better time selecting pieces for parents, siblings and yep, even your furry friends.

Snuggle in Fleece Sleepers

Oh, the absolute cuteness of it all! It’s impossible to resist an adorable fleece slipper, which you can easily place inside a needlepoint Christmas stocking along with her other goodies. She may not appreciate the practicality of it as much as you do, but there’s no denying the appeal of a full-zip night suit that slips on easily, stays put and features seamless construction to prevent discomfort while she gets her ZZZs. It’s just as easy for her to take off—say goodbye to the epic struggle of the standard bedtime routine with this cute choice for nighttime.

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