Diese Farben sind die Trendfarben der Herbstsaison

Try Wearing These Trendy Colors for This Fall Season

Fall is arguably one of the most colorful times of the year. With the changing of the leaves and the stunning blue sky that shifts to gray on rainy days and explodes into an array of orange, purple, and pink at sunset, the natural landscape can easily inspire you to expand your wardrobe by adding gorgeous, trendy colors. If you are looking for fun new colors to try this season, take a look at some of the most stunning options you can incorporate into your fall wardrobe.


Burgundy isn’t exactly a new fall color trend. Quite the opposite; it’s basically a staple in the autumn color palette in the realms of both fashion and home decor. However, this year, we are seeing plenty of variety in burgundy and red shades. From dark, rich burgundy to bright, cherry red, there really is no limit on the color spectrum. Even better, this color and its many shades look great with so many textiles and fabrics ranging from knits to leather. A deep, cherry-red dress with lace sleeves would make for the perfect evening attire if you were planning a fancy night out during the fall. During the day, a burgundy oversized cashmere sweater or cashmere turtleneck would look stunning.

Royal Blue

A royal blue color might not seem like the most conventional choice for the fall season, but that is exactly why we love it. This daring color, set apart from traditional blues like navy or powder blue, is actually making quite a splash on the runway and in the world of fashion this year. A bright royal blue looks fabulous as a dress or a coat in textiles ranging from satin to wool. Additionally, a lovely royal blue or powder blue midi women's dress with a belted waist and puff sleeves would be an excellent choice for your next autumn dinner party or fancy soirée.


Gray is an excellent color all around. It can be simple and casual, or it can be dramatic and bold, depending on the way you wear it and what clothing you choose. Although it’s the kind of color that can be worn at any time of year, it looks especially stunning during the fall and winter months. From professional attire to loungewear to athleisure to evening gowns, gray can be worn any time of day at any function. If you want to make a fabulous and elegant fashion statement, wear a long wool coat in gray plaid with a gray knit sweater dress and gray boots to match. A traditional gray wool coat with more of a sheer look also creates a captivating look and stands out beautifully among the colorful fall foliage.


This color combination may seem like the kind of thing you would want to debut during the spring season, but it presents a great way to make a subtle fashion statement during the fall. While most people incorporate fall neutrals into their wardrobe, why not add a hint of new life and freshness with a color that reminds people of something botanical? A light green-yellow color looks great on fabrics ranging from satin to knit to wool. You can invest in a green-yellow evening gown that you can show off at your next fancy fall social event or walk the streets in a glamorous green-yellow wool coat. You can also start shopping for accessories in this color, such as canvas tote bags and scarves. By opting to craft your outfits with green-yellow accessories, you can accentuate the rest of your outfit with minimalist, yet highly appealing details.


Off-white is just about as glamorous as color gets, and looks even more breathtaking during the fall. It serves as a classic contrast against the colorful fall foliage and instantly adds a hint of sophistication to your entire outfit. Off-white works with everything from pantsuits to knit sweater dresses to elegant satin slip dresses to linen pants. If you like neutral colors and a monochromatic style, just add lots of off-white and other beige hues. Once you style your outfit with off-white colors, you can accessorize with brighter, more traditional fall tones like burgundy or brown. Even something as minimal as deep cherry red earrings to go along with your satin slip dress will make for a remarkably elegant outfit.

If we listed all the spectacular colors that can be worn during the fall, we would have to write a book. Don’t limit yourself to these trendy colors. Start adding your favorites to your wardrobe, and explore additional options to create your super chic fall outfits.