6 Vorsätze für den Hausputz zu Beginn des neuen Jahres

6 Housecleaning Resolutions to Start Off the New Year

Out with the old and in with the new—the New Year is a time for leaving uninspiring habits in the past and welcoming great potential for the coming year. While getting a good exercise routine going or ramping up your diet are popular resolutions, how you manage your living space is also important with respect to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Whether you’re disorganized about your house cleaning or you’re ready to tidy up the clutter, 2021 is your chance to make your housecleaning dreams come true. Here are our top housecleaning resolutions to start off the New Year.

1. Organize the Clutter

Clutter in the house can cause some serious mental chaos. Whether it’s all those jeans and summer dresses stuffed in the closet, the shoes in the entry hall, the surfaces that never stay bare, or the pantry with long-lost boxes of cereal, tidying up clutter is key to starting the New Year off on right. Clearing clutter calls for a few important steps: First, pull everything out. Second, divide items into 'throw-away,' 'give away,' and 'keep' piles. Third, organize what gets put back where.

Doing a big declutter at the beginning of the year feels great, but make the resolution to keep it that way by sticking to an organization system. Keep things neat by using baskets canvas storage bins to store items that would otherwise pile up in other places. Make a rule about the number of shoes allowed in the hallway and place shoe racks nearby for tidiness. Organize the pantry in sections, such as canned goods, grains, oils, etc., and invest in glass jars or storage containers to consolidate staples such as flour, sugar, and rice.

Commit to yourself to do a big declutter and then resolve to stick to your new organizational system. You’ll find that the next declutter will be much easier.

2. Make a Weekly Schedule

Making a cleaning schedule is going to save you time, energy, and confusion. It’s easy to forget to change the bed sheets regularly when you’re immersed in your daily routine. Instead, put a whiteboard in the kitchen and schedule a cleaning chore for each day. Spreading out the tidying in short increments throughout the week will save you from having to spend an entire day cleaning. This is also a great way to get the kids involved by having them share the chores. You can divide the days by task or by room. For example, maybe Monday is the day to vacuum downstairs. Or maybe it's dedicated to cleaning all the bathrooms. Either way, with this resolution, you’ll find yourself more organized and able to maintain a consistently tidy home.

3. Create a New Laundry System

Piles of clothes on the floor of bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are no fun to deal with or look at. Make it your resolution this year to reassess and revamp your laundry system. Put laundry hampers in places where piles tend to collect. In the laundry room, keep a hamper for each type of laundry, such as linens, delicates, whites, and general clothes. Resolve to do a load of laundry every day or two. Don't forget to fold clothes as soon as possible after they are done in the dryer to avoid wrinkles and to be able to put everything away promptly. This will leave you with less laundry buildup and fewer piles on the floor to clean up.

4. Make Your Bed

It sounds small, but making your bed is actually a pretty big deal. Studies have shown that people who make their beds in the morning tend to be happier, more confident, and more productive. Making your bed in the morning is a great way to start your day and boost your mood. After all, it’s the small wins in life that keep us going. Whether you’re a tuck-in-the-sheets type of person or you just like to fluff up your down comforter, making the bed is going to make you feel good. This will be your easiest housecleaning resolution to keep this year.

5. Squeegee the Shower

Another simple but deeply satisfying resolution is to save yourself hours of scrubbing by maintaining your shower with a squeegee. Avoid lengthy shower cleaning sessions with this gem. Inexpensive and easy to use, a shower squeegee works to remove excess water and mineral buildup from shower surfaces. Wiping down tiles and glass with a squeegee after showering helps to keep your shower clean and prevent mildew or staining. Avoid vigorous scrubbing by implementing a simple squeegee routine as your new year’s housecleaning resolution.

6. Clean Up Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies don’t have to be complicated. The thought of what lies under the kitchen sink may send shivers down your spine, but, truth be told, it doesn’t have to be that way. Keeping your cleaning supplies organized and to a minimum is a great housecleaning resolution for the new year. First, get rid of any doubles. Get yourself a storage basket, bin, or mini caddy so you can easily store your cleaning supplies and carry them to different parts of the house.

Next, go minimalist and chemical-free with homemade cleaning supplies. It's super easy and inexpensive to make your own cleaning supplies, not to mention it's one way to clean out your under-the-sink, no-go zone. Using a simple dilution of white vinegar and water, hydrogen peroxide diluted with water, essential oils with water, or just plain old baking soda are simple and chemical-free ways to keep your house squeaky clean. By doing so, you also avoid having harsh chemicals in your house that can cause allergies or other health problems further down the line.

Start the new year off with a bang by incorporating these housecleaning resolutions into your housekeeping routine. And don’t be shy about getting the whole family involved!