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How to have the perfect lazy Sunday

If there's one thing we love doing more than anything on a Sunday, it's nothing. There's just something supremely satisfying — zen, even — about having 24 hours of zero obligations before diving back into the 9–5.

To help you make the most of those hours, we've come up with a few simple steps that'll have you on your way to a perfect lazy Sunday.

Step one: a hot shower.

If you're going to do just one responsible thing on your Sunday, make it showering. Nothing kickstarts a relaxing morning like being squeaky clean. It'll have you instantly feeling more refreshed. (Plus, it'll give you something to do while you're waiting on the coffee pot.)

There are, of course, a few things you can do to make your shower even better. When you're aiming for a perfect day, the little things matter. Like having a silky-soft Supima® bath mat to step onto when you're done. Not only will it feel great on your feet — it'll save you from having to step onto the icy tile.

A good bath towel is also a must-have. Nothing kills a post-shower vibe like a scratchy towel that leaves you damp. Aim for something soft, fluffy and absorbent. We recommend American-grown Supima cotton here as well. It has an exquisitely soft feel that just can't be matched by other varieties, which makes drying off feel positively indulgent.

Step two: get into your cozy clothes.

Our weapon of choice: a Turkish terry robe. It's tough to feel more relaxed than when you're wrapped up in the plush confines of an artisan-made robe designed for Turkish spas.

Step three: build your nest.

Your shower's left you clean and refreshed. You're all wrapped up in your cozy robe. You just poured yourself a hot mug of coffee. What next? It's time to build your nest.

This is the place you'll be spending the rest of the day doing … well, a whole lot of nothing. Maybe you curl up with a good book. Maybe you whittle away the hours scrolling through Twitter and looking at Italian greyhounds on Instagram. Or maybe you put on a favorite show and watch until you get that popup message: "Are you still watching?" Yes. Yes, you are. Next episode, please.

There are two locations that are prime for such activities — and a couple things you're going to need for each.

Location 1: the couch.

This one's best for binging (unless of course you have a TV in your bedroom, in which case, feel free to proceed to location 2). It's also likely to be one of the well-lit areas in the house, so it makes a great reading spot, too.

To ensure maximum comfort and coziness, we recommend fortifying your couch with throw pillows. How many? A good rule of thumb: if you have enough to conceal your entire body in a game of hide-and-seek, that's the perfect amount.

You'll also need a good blanket, because no good lazy Sunday is complete without wrapping yourself up like a burrito. Our recommendation: a fleece blanket. They're plush, soft and an absolute delight to wrap up in.

Location 2: your bed.

It's tough to top a lazy Sunday in bed — especially if you can factor breakfast-in-bed into the equation. If you're posting up here, there are a few things you can do to make yourself extra cozy. The first: flannel sheets. Especially in the wintertime, nothing's cozier than soft, napped cotton. You can layer up with a flannel duvet cover, too, and get a fluffy down comforter to give your bed extra loft.

Final step: relax.

From here on out, it's you time. You're refreshed. You're relaxed. You've got your coffee, cozy clothes and a good book or show. You do you.

Everything else can wait until Monday.

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