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How to Look Professional at Work, Even During a Blizzard

Getting dressed for work is so much easier to do in the summertime than it is in the winter. You only need to slip on a dress, step into a pair of shoes and head out the door. In contrast, trying to dress professionally while also staying warm and practical can be a struggle. You have to worry about which socks you’re going to wear with which shoes, which pants match the socks, which shirt matches the pants, how to style your hair when you know it’s only going to be ruined when you step out the door...you get the idea. However, there are a few things you can do to look professional at work—even when mother nature is punishing you with winter weather.

Wear a No-Iron Shirt

When your morning ritual is interrupted because you have to shovel the driveway and allow for extra commute time because of the snow, wasting valuable time ironing a shirt is likely the last thing you want to do. A no-iron shirt is ideal for these types of days, as it is polished and professional, yet fuss-free. You’ll want to have a variety of styles and colors of these in your closet, just in case.

Choose Your Pants Carefully

Dresses and skirts are difficult to justify wearing during winter weather when the wind is blasting arctic air at you. While pants are ideal, you do have to choose those carefully. For example, you don’t want to wear light-colored pants during a snowstorm or even rain, as they’re not very forgiving with wetness. For that reason, black pants are ideal. However, black pants do tend to show salt stains from the roads around the ankle area. Wear a pair of black pants with a pair of winter snow boots to cover any areas that can be exposed to slush. Or, wear corduroy pants, which hide stains more easily because of their texture. Plus, they’re nice and warm.

Pack an Extra Pair of Shoes

Heading out the door in a pair of dress shoes only to be met with blizzard-like conditions is a big no-no. You’ll ruin your shoes, risk slipping and falling and end up with frozen feet. But you also don’t want to sit around at work wearing a pair of clunky winter boots. There are two solutions to this scenario. First, you can wear a pair of stylish boots that are also weatherproof. Some look great worn over a pair of leggings and with a professional-looking tunic. The other option is to always keep a pair of in your purse or work bag so you can slip them on when you get to work and hide your boots under your desk to dry. Don’t forget to air out your socks too, or bring an extra pair if they get wet.

Use a Multifunctional Bag

For storing flats, packing your lunch, and stowing your makeup bag for touch-ups after the snow blows sideways into your face, you’ll need something to tote it all to and from work. When shopping around for the right bag for your needs, try gathering everything you intend to put inside of it and laying it out in front of you. Consider it a practice run. Then divide the items into different categories so you know how many different compartments you’ll need. That way, you’ll know what type of bag or tote to shop for. If you have a small purse that you prefer to use, you can always throw that into the bag as well, so you don’t need to move all of your smaller essentials back into your purse when the weekend comes.

Wear the Right Coat

Wearing a short puffer jacket during a blizzard won’t be doing you any favors. You want a winter coat with some extra length so that it covers some of your legs. You also want to make sure it is in a style and color that won’t clash with your outfit. Keep it professional with a simple black or neutral-colored coat that is also warm enough for winter. Be sure to check its temperature rating before you buy it.

For those of us in climates that get bombarded with snowstorms during winter, life goes on. We don’t always have the luxury of skipping work. Plus, we’re used to battling Mother Nature, but we always win. Don’t let a little blizzard shut you down. These tips can help ensure you win in the battle of the blizzard, and that you look professional doing it.