Warum ist der Herbst die populärste Jahreszeit?

Here are 12 Reasons Why Fall is the Most Popular Season

Fall is a unique season in that it's never quite clear when it begins and when it ends. We know the vibrant colors of fall and we certainly know when we're right in the midst of fall.

But the question remains: is it from Fall Solstice to Winter Solstice? Is it the first leaf that drops till the first snowfall? Or is it the beginning of the schoolyear till the holidays?

Whichever way we describe "true fall" we wish it were just a little longer. Collectively, we get ourselves outdoors and make the dash toward winter as enjoyable as we can possibly make it.

Here's a leaf pile of reasons why we all fall for fall:

Reason 1: Fall parade and homecoming game.

When the town comes together to celebrate the big football game it's usually accompanied by a fall-centric parade. Each grade has its own themed float and they tend to boost the town's spirit. How the first graders won the float contest last year is mind-boggling (actually it's because it's the only one fully built by mom and dad volunteers). But either way, what a great way to get in touch with the local community during such a picturesque time.

Reason 2: The wedding bells are ringing.

While the summer boasts its fair share of weddings, the autumnal weddings are the best to dress up for. Why? It's cooler outside and you can wear cardigans, sweater dresses, fleece jackets, and so much more. Sure, maybe winnowing the options down is the tough part, but you can customize the look so much easier than when it's 87 degrees out in direct sunlight. Sorry summertime, fall has the advantage here.

Reason 3: Sweater weather.

If it were possible, we'd wear sweaters in the Dog Days of August, but we're finally dipping into the 50s again which makes for perfect sweater weather. Did we stock up on enough cashmere this year or are we waiting till the holidays to budget for that?

Actually, we're not going to wait this time around. Time is money and if that's the case then cashmere sweaters must come first. That logic makes sense, right? Don't worry about it. It's sweater season.

Reason 4: Nature walks.

The crunch of leaves. That sound is so distinct in its fall-ness that it stirs up memories from years past. Walking through the turning and falling foliage is a simple pleasure. Not to mention a nature walk with your dog finding new smells and scents to follow while you get a sense of escape. It's a great way to hit the reset button if only for an hour.

Getting outside is good for the soul and what's better than admiring the falling leaves on a nice walk on our favorite local trail?

Reason 5: Taking a drive up the countryside.

You don't have to take the highway every time. Take a county road, roll the windows down, and blast that one pesky song that's been stuck in your head since you woke up. It's a freeing moment that will wake you up on a morning drive or wind you down on the way home.

Reason 6: It's Halloween season

While Halloween is one day, the entire month of October is dedicated to spooking people out. This means haunted house fun. Or getting lost in a corn maze. Or dressing up in a flannel shirt and overalls, wearing a mask in the front yard, and pretending to be a scarecrow. Sure, the haunted house scared you, but now it's your chance to spread the Halloween cheer.

Reason 7: Visiting a small town

Summer's vacationing never seemed to end but in the fall we rush back into the swing of things. So quickly, in fact, that we sometimes forget that we're allowed to head out of town before Thanksgiving. Our canvas totes and duffels are often wondering if they'll be able to enjoy autumn with us.

Hop on a train, take a drive, and book a room to check out those small town vibes nearby. Plus, those antiques aren't going to buy themselves.

Reason 8: Fall picnics in the park with your favorite scarf.

Bring a thermos of warm apple cider, pack apples with caramel, and relax to the sound of leaves falling around you as you cuddle up in your scarf.

Reason 9: Bonfires.

When a fire warms you to your core it's the best. You can gather up some wood for just this reason. That old shelf in the garage? Throw it in. Bring the neighbors over and gather round. See if they might have any furniture they're trying to "get rid of."

It's the perfect time to test out that new knit hat. And it might smell like a good fire for a couple weeks after.

Reason 10: Pumpkin patch.

Picking that perfect pumpkin is a fall favorite for a reason. You go in with an idea of what your pumpkin will be. Are you going to carve a pumpkin, put it up as decoration, and perfect your pumpkin seed recipes (it's all about crisp and salt, to be completely honest)?

It's against the law to allow anybody into the winter season unless they've taken at least 10 selfies at a pumpkin patch.

Reason 11: Boots and hats and gloves and black cats.

Perfect for raking the leaves. A good pair of duck boots will make the day so much easier. Nobody wants soggy sneaks.

Hats and gloves are a given considering the chilly winds you'll run into when you're out and about in the yard. If it's time for a new pair, test out some fleece lined gloves for that extra warmth.

Reason 12: The ever-important decision: jacket or a sweater?

The fall is pretty much like waking up each day and you're on a gameshow. You check the weather and then you check your closet to see: is today a rain jacket or a cotton sweater? You win every day and you only start to get tired of the game when it becomes strictly coat season, aka winter.