Sind Maxikleider für die Arbeit geeignet?

Are maxi dresses work appropriate?

Maxi dresses have earned their reputation for being incredibly comfortable. If you want to find excuses to wear your maxi dresses more often — and who doesn't want to live in a favorite maxi? — you've likely asked yourself whether you can make this comfortable silhouette appropriate for work. With the right accessories, your maxi dress is the ideal candidate for the job.

Embrace the comfortable maxi

We can't blame you for loving your maxi dresses. These breezy dresses are super comfortable while also offering up endless possibilities for styling. The summertime staple is easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. You can wear your favorite maxi anywhere, from the beach and a backyard barbecue to a day spent traipsing around exploring a new city on a trip you've been waiting for. Can you actually wear a maxi dress to work?

Working women, rejoice! You can wear your favorite maxi dresses to work. The key is paying attention to how you pair it with accessories. With the right extra pieces, you'll quickly transform the flowing, comfortable maxi into a work-ready look ready to make a good impression.

Professional doesn't have to mean stuffy and uncomfortable. Thanks to your go-to maxi dress, days at work can become more stylish. From chic blazers to shoes, jewelry, and more, if you keep a few simple points in mind, you'll be wearing maxi dresses to work in no time.

A blazer transforms a maxi dress for work

On a hot, summer day, you want nothing more than an outfit that keeps you cool and comfortable during your commute and the busy work day. Wouldn't it be great if you could make the maxi dress you turn to for backyard gatherings into the anchor for a professional outfit? Grab a blazer and you've instantly elevated a laid-back maxi into a powerful look for the workplace.

Blazers are the magical piece that makes almost anything appropriate for work. The same goes for flowing maxi dresses, too. You'll find many ways to integrate a go-to blazer into your warmer weather wardrobe.

Do you want to make a floral maxi dress appropriate for your job? Pair it with a complementary solid color blazer and you'll look put together while still staying ready for the summer. You can tuck your blazer into your bag while you're making your way to the office. Pop it on over your maxi dress for a professional ensemble that also keeps you comfortable in an air conditioned environment.

Are monochrome looks more your style? Don a solid color maxi with a matching blazer for a sophisticated take on this summertime look. A black maxi dress topped with a black blazer is undeniably chic, and you'll exude confidence whether you're crunching numbers at your desk or giving an important presentation. You can play with other solid colors, too.

If you want to change up the look from your blazer, a cardigan does the same job. Your breezy maxi gets a big promotion thanks to your styling skills.

Professional shoes and jewelry bring your look together

Blazers and cardigans aren't the only accessories on the job this summer. Work the right shoes and jewelry into your maxi-anchored outfit to make the look appropriate for work.

A change of shoes can alter the feel of your ensemble. While strappy sandals may be what you grab for a brunch date or barbecue, you'll want to trade them for more conservative flats or pumps when you wear your maxi dress to work unless your workplace has a more casual dress code. In this case, have fun with your outfits while keeping to your dress code. Streamlined shoes can make an outfit that could be conceived as a laid-back look into a work-ready, professional outfit.

The same goes for your jewelry. Go with subtle studs or a simple necklace to pull together a look with your maxi dress as the basis. Wearing something more traditionally suited to the workplace can make more casual maxis ready for the job.

Sophisticated style carries through the seasons

Now that you've mastered the art of styling a maxi dress for work, don't tuck them into the back of your closet when the weather grows colder. Although it may seem counterintuitive, this warm weather favorite is easy to wear throughout the year.

Your blazer or cardigan already gives you a layer of warmth for cooler weather. Pull on a pair of tights and trade in your summer shoes for a chic pair of ankle boots, and you've given your maxi new life. This outfit works well from desk to dinner, too. You don't need to stress about your clothes during a busy day, regardless of the time of year.

Make your favorite summer styles a cornerstone of your work wardrobe. It's easy (and fun) to style a maxi dress to make it work appropriate.