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Aus Liebe zu hochwertigem Fleece

For the love of a good fleece.

During autumn and winter, fleece is a must-have. Stores are filled with inexpensive clothing made from this popular fabric, but it’s wise to buy something well-made. After all, good fleece will keep you snug and survive plenty of tough love.

One of the warmest things in your closet, a women’s fleece vest is great for layering. Tiny pockets in fleece trap body heat while allowing air circulation, keeping you toasty, but never sweaty. Just be sure your vest has a durable zipper, or it might break from frequent use.

High-quality fleece retains its softness throughout many wears and washes. Something poorly made can turn scratchy and rough over time, though. At Lands’ End, we brush our fleece inside and out, so it stays extra comfy even when worn every day. Most have an antistatic, anti-pilling finish which means it holds its softness season after season.

When you think about fleece, you might picture a fleece jacket or some women’s winter gloves. However, fleece can be as elegant and cozy as cashmere. For instance, a fleece tunic can be worn with leggings and a shimmery necklace for a night out.

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