5 Winter-Essentials, auf die Sie nicht verzichten können

The 5 Winter Essentials You Need

When it comes to winter, you'll find yourself bundling up to keep the cold at bay. With lower temperatures and multiple social gatherings around the holiday season, staying inside your cozy home isn't always an option. So, as the cold creeps in, you'll be grateful for some winter essentials that will leave you feeling anything but blue! From winter coats, hats, and scarves, to winter boots and cashmere sweaters, these items will help you cope with the cold this winter season.

When choosing the best winter essentials, keep in mind your destination or setting and the related temperature. For example, if you're expecting a light chill, you're less likely to need a thick winter coat than if you're preparing for sub-zero temperatures. Here are some options to consider as you stock up on your winter essentials this year.

Winter Essential #1: Winter Coat

If you are facing cold temperatures, you will definitely find yourself wanting a new winter coat. Winter coats, while an investment, are well worth their fluffy layers of warmth, especially when the climate drops drastically. For the best protection against the chill, look for a down-filled or down-alternative coat. A women's winter parka is a versatile option for winter wear, with a sleeker silhouette that can withstand sub-zero temperatures. The longer length and down or down-alternative filling can add a substantial layer of warmth while never appearing bulky. Women's winter parkas are also easy to stow away for the off-season, and they can be packed away quickly for easy storage and transportation.

Winter Essential #2: Sweater

Women's sweaters are another go-to for the holiday or winter season. This winter essential is perfect for layering under a winter coat, like a women's winter parka. Choose from Christmas sweaters, wool sweaters, or luxe cashmere sweaters. There are colors, fabrics, and cuts for every activity or climate, and women's sweaters can easily be worn from day to night depending on how you style them. Wear a crew neck sweater with white skinny jeans and booties for an easy, casual look in just a light chill, or wear a women's turtleneck under a warm winter coat with high boots and extra layers for more serious and chilling temperatures.

Winter Essential #3: Winter Boots

For women's winter boots, styles are available for all the elements from snow to rain, and for all temperatures from cool to sub-zero. For warmer temperatures this winter, opt for a low, casual bootie with a slight chunky heel that can be worn with lighter layers for a more casual and less intrusive style. For cooler weather, look for a more significant boot, like a high winter boot, or for a snow boot if you're expecting snowstorms. Winter boots are a must-have for the winter season because the last thing you want on your commute is to have cold and wet feet. Whether you are preparing for freezing temperatures or just a slight temperature drop, winter boots are essential for any winter wardrobe.

Winter Essential #4: Flannel Shirts

Flannel-obsessed? Yes! And for good reason! Women's flannel shirts are the coziest, warmest layer for your winter wear, and as transitional pieces, they can take you from fall into winter easily. Wear your flannel shirt with jeans or leggings, under a winter coat and sweater, with booties or high boots–when it comes to flannel shirts, there are no rules! Also, better yet, when you think flannel, don't limit your style to traditional plaid. Now more than ever, you can choose from flannel fabric in solid colors or patterns like polka dots or stripes. Flannel shirts are the soft, must-have item for any and every winter wardrobe.

Winter Essential #5: Warm Pajamas

With winter rolling in, you'll find yourself cozying up much more frequently at home, making excuses to not run out for errands in the gripping cold–and that's just fine! Invest in warm pajamas and loungewear to make your evenings at home more comfortable than ever. Warm pajamas come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and patterns. Choose from family pajamas so the whole family can wear cozy, warm loungewear leading up to the holidays. Pair flannel pajamas with an oversized robe and matching slippers for a look that exudes warmth and comfort from head to toe. Looking for something extra-special? Personalize your PJs with monograms or names. Simply choose the color of the monogram and the personalized lettering, and add two to three days to your expected delivery.